Hurricane Resistant Glass Impacts Homeowners' Lives for the Better

For maximum safety and year-round aesthetics, Rolsafe also installs the industry's best impact resistant glass windows and doors. Valued for their wind resistance and protection against projectiles, they can also enhance energy efficiency in your home. Impact resistant glass virtually eliminates distortion, giving homeowners a perfectly clear view. Highly recommended for your entire home, they are particularly useful in protecting out-of-the-way windows that may not be conveniently covered by shutters.

While some homeowners choose impact glass products in lieu of shutters, Rolsafe recommends dual protection where shutters can be installed. Impact glass protects the home by flexing with the wind and halting projectiles upon impact. Shutters enhance the effect and help to avoid window replacement costs in the event of impact damage. Discuss the benefits of dual protection with your Rolsafe customer service provider.

Save the Turtles

Rolsafe also provides an innovative product that helps save sea turtles. Just-hatched baby sea turtles by instinct follow the brightest light, which should always be the moon's reflection over the sea. Coastline homes with bright lights can confuse the baby turtles causing them to travel away from the relative safety of the sea and into the path of oncoming cars. Our Turtle Glass is impact resistant glass that is specially tinted to reduce the amount of light shining on the beach at night giving thousands of sea turtles a better chance at survival.