Condominium Program

If you are a property manager or live in a condominium, you know that the shutter needs are very different than for single family homes. Multiple stories, condominium association rules and sometimes challenging installations and cost issues should be handled by a company certified in this type of installation. At Rolsafe, our CEO is a certified general contractor with the skills, ability and experience to make your condominium installation seamless.

Things to consider:

Bylaws: Rolsafe helps condominium associations draft verbiage regarding hurricane shutters in their bylaws in order to avoid any confusion.

Cost: Rolsafe offers group discounts for condominium owners.

Insurance: Rolsafe stays current on all insurance industry news. We help design a shutter package to allow you to qualify for insurance discounts and assure your coverage in the event of a dangerous storm.

Safety: Our team of experts takes every precaution to assure a safe installation for our staff and your residents. We adhere to all OSHA standards including harnesses and drop zones to provide the safest work area possible. This lessens your liability as a property owner and provides our workers with the peace of mind they need to do the best job they can for your installation.

Reliability: We say what we do and do what we say. We won't make a promise unless we believe we can keep it. Our installations are completed on-time and on-budget so that you can plan accordingly.

Trustworthiness: Don't listen to us, listen to our customers. We have worked hard to satisfy every one of customers and it shows through the many notes we receive along with surveys that we are providing the level of service, professionalism and integrity that our customers expect and we demand.